April (week 2) 2019


Garden bed 2: squared up, turned over, and planted with: kale, turnips, lettuce, radishes, lettuce, carrots, and zucchini.

Garden bed 3: squared up, turned over, and chopped up. I haven’t it planted it yet.

Yard: lawn mowed for the first time. Yearly planning for plantings (trees, fruit, flowers) completed.  I’m starting to see seedlings in Ellen’s (pollinator) garden. The peach, apple, and cherry trees are all full of blossoms. We moved 14 blackberry babies from the main rows to a third row and started them around the main yard fence.

Rabbits/Chickens: Hlao-Roo is eating pellets + hay + grass + willow. We went to get the other rabbits, but they didn’t have more ready to go. We’ll try again in a week or two.



April (week 1) 2019


Garden bed 1: dug, chopped, and planted. This is an older bed and just needed an easy turnover and to be squared up. This bed has: kale, turnips, lettuce, radish, lettuce-2, and peas.

To the south of garden bed 1 is garden bed 2. It will get turned over and planted in April week 2. We will continue to dig and plant a bed each week as weather and other tasks permit. We have 5 more easy beds to turn and 4 more difficult beds to do.

Chicken/Rabbit Run: posts are in and framing has started. This will be slow as we are just doing a bit each payday.

To the south of the chicken yard is our second compost area. Right now it’s mostly cardboard, sticks, weed stalks, and some food waste. It will fill in pretty quickly with soil, grass clippings, weeds (from weeding) and rabbit manure/waste.

This week also saw the pool area re-leveled and the pool set up, Ellen’s memory garden weeded, and a shopping trip for organic seeds.

We do all our gardening with hand tools, organically, and with a view to restoring the soil so that we may use this smaller area to grow more so that the majority of our land is left to wildness.



Meet Hlao-Roo.

He’s the newest edition to Idlewild Farm. He’s a 12 week old lion-headed dwarf rabbit. He weighs a mere pound and a half and will only be two pounds at full-size. Right now, he spends the cold nights in the laundry room and the warmer days outside. He’s acclimating after living his whole life indoors.

He’s eating rabbit pellets primarily (He just came home on Saturday) and I’ve introduced a tiny bit of hay. I’ll slowly increase his hay until he has unlimited access. Today he was also given an apple twig. He wasn’t sure about it at first, but I’ve seen him gnawing on it a few times.

Hopefully he’ll be joined by two more rabbits over the the next four weeks. After that, we’ll be ready to bring home the chickens.

my corner


I have my own little corner of the living room. It is where I sit to read, to listen, to learn, and to surf the web.

  • The cabinet to the right holds my Welsh learning notebook, flashcards, pens, stamps, my beeswax candle for devotions, a lamp, and is where my iPhone can normally be found.
  • The ottoman holds my extra knitting yarn, and occasionally the project (if it is too big for my basket. I also use the ottoman as a desk. My laptop sits there while I do my writing. I sit on my yoga bolster when using the ottoman as a desk.
  • The stool to the left is normally where my stack of reading, study notebooks, and journal sit. I keep them all there and put each away as I complete it for the day. The sheepskin is wonderful for really cold and really hot days. It keeps me insulated and the temperature comfortable. I also use the sheepskin for meditation time and sometimes when I just want to flop on the floor for some extra stretches or to watch tv.

pour over coffee


I have found a new (to me) way of making coffee that is so easy and tastes so good. It was born of desperation. I have used a French coffee press for many years when I wanted a cup, but in December I broke mine. It went tumbling off the counter along with my newly ground beans, and 12 oz of nearly boiling water. It was such a mess.

My daughter kept a pour over carafe in the cabinet. She bought it shortly after beginning to work in coffee shop, but for the most part it just sat in the cabinet — unused. I can’t tell you how close I had come to popping it into the Goodwill bag, but I never did because it wasn’t mine.

So after the cleaning up the disaster of my broken press, I still wanted a cup of coffee. It was just one of those cold, overcast, grey December days where you just want what you want. A quick google told me to very roughly grind 1 TBSN of beans for each cup of coffee.

The grinder came back out, the beans came back out, and I got more water going in the kettle.

Beans in the basket.

Pour the water over.

And coffee! Wait, what?! No waiting? No plunging? Just grind, boil, pour, and sip?

Yes, it was really that simple. I find the coffee very smooth, light, and not as bitter.

My favorite way to sip is 8 oz coffee, 2 oz macadamia nut milk, and 1 squirt of flavored liquid stevia.



What I’m reading:  The Celtic Way of Prayer, Cherringham 16-18, Educated

What I’m listening to:  Circe, Welsh

What I’m watching:  

What I’m learning: Igniting the Flame, Welsh, Permaculture

What I’m thinking about:  Paper #1 part 1 is written, edited, and ready to be turned into  my mentor. Paper #1 part 2 is outlined and rough form is copied into the outline. Now to get the ideas to flow, the words to be correct, and then edited.

safety razor


Why did I wait so long to make this switch? I suppose I was afraid of great quantities of spilled blood, massive scrapes (and scars) along my shin bone, and scads of tissue paper stuck to my body.

In actual fact, the switch has been painless. My husband dropped his and bent it all to pieces (after 5 years) and so I was on-line buying him a new one. I decided to just go ahead and add a second one to the cart and here we are.

What I like: super cheap blades, smooth cut, easy handle to hold, easy to clean, (I’m assuming) easy to replace the blade, and much less plastic attached to hair removal.

What I don’t like: I actually have to remember to take it in the shower with me. It does not work for a quick leg on the counter type shave. That’s ok. It is encouraging me to be more deliberate about the matter. I’m learning the fine art of slowing down little by little.



What I’m reading:  The Celtic Way of Prayer, Cherringham 16-18, Educated

What I’m listening to:  Circe, Welsh by native speakers on BBC Cymru

What I’m watching:  The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (1 and 2)

What I’m learning: Igniting the Flame, Welsh, Permaculture

What I’m thinking about:  February habit and goal tracker. I want to add some strength training (maybe Kettlebell swings)

Advent Observations 3

The last full week of Advent. This week we lit the third candle and relished the simplicity of these quiet evenings.


Jasper isn’t sure about all this deep cleaning and food preparation.


I’ve been saving the clementine, orange, and lemon peels for making cleaner. Just fill up the jar and add vinegar. Let sit in a dark place for 2 weeks. Strain out peels and dilute with water. I do a 1:1.


Yoga, every darn day . . . right after my walk, followed by meditation.

Planning — Winter 2019

Autumn Recap:

  • Wardrobe — I found that two of my 2nd layers aren’t warm enough for late Autumn and Winter, so they got put in the tote and I bought a sweatshirt. It is casual, but it suits my lifestyle and looks sporty and tidy when I wear it out in public. I switched out most of my t-shirts for long-sleeved t-shirts.
  • Weather — We had far more wet days than the average and are on track to have one of the wettest years on record (Since I post this seasonally, there are still some days of the year left.)
  • Activities — I did not go to Florida this year. There were too many things going on and I couldn’t justify the expense.
  • Budget — We kept current with any new medical bills and paid off medical debt of $400. We had a total loss claim on our vehicle. Hannah bought a 2019 to replace the 2013.

Winter Plans —

Wardrobe Plans:

  • Bottoms:  4 (1 black slim trousers, 3 jeans)
  • Dress:  1 (black knit rib) and denim skirt
  • Shirts:  5 (sage, navy, white, green, black)
  • 2nd Layers: 3 (moss, black, blue sweatshirt)
  • Weather related: 4 (black jacket, vest, winter coat +scarf, hat, and mittens)
  • Accessories:
    • Shoes: 5 (black bootie, black flat, brown boots, black boots, insulated snow boots)
    • Purse/Tote: 2 (green purse, black tote)
    • Scarves: 3 (monet, red plaid, rust/purple)
    • Jewelry: 3 (earrings), 1 necklace
  • Underwear, bras, socks, long underwear, and pjs
  • Exercise clothes: leggings, t-shirt, bike jacket, safety yellow puffer vest



Month.     High / Low(°F).     Rain
Dec.          46° / 27°.                 7 days
Jan.           42° / 23°.                5 days
Feb.          48° / 27°.                5 days
Mar.         57° / 34°.                8 days
  • church
  • Spiritual Companion Group
  • Celtic service team
  • Errand running days
  • Christmas Eve service
  • Christmas party
  • CK’s birthday
  • Igniting the Fire class (1 year course)
  • Permaculture Class
  • Welsh lessons
Home Activities:
  • exercise
  • housekeeping
  • prepping seed trays for early greens
  • tax prep and filing
  • research tillers (?)
  • order supplies for shade house / rabbit house
  • order organic soil for garden extension
  • Build first tall raised bed (will be 2 1/2 feet tall x 50 square feet)
Budget Goals:
  • Make progress or medical pay off ($3200)
  • Next up: credit card pay off ($4000)
  • Use tax money for raised beds and shade house/rabbit house