Kim & The List

Kimberly — It is who I am.  I got the name when I was just a wee little girl and it has taken me years to grow into it: INFJ (how I tick), believer (how I pray), book lover (how I cope), walker (how I move), tree hugger (how I live), and wife/mother/warrior (how I love).

The List

A comprehensive and ever-changing list of the things I consider essential to my living a very small, very good life.

  1. Living at Home
    1. Bed: mattress, bedding, duvet in winter, cotton blanket in summer, throw blanket for extra warmth or napping, 2 pillows
    2. Dresser: cabinet my dad made with 3 shelves + baskets for underwear, bras, socks, Fountain pen supplies, and movement clothes.
    3. Closet: wooden hangers (25) that hold all clothes, tote that holds off-season clothes, and other tote that holds my duvet + cover and coat in the warmer months).
    4. Bookshelf: 2 1/2 shelves of my favorite books, 1/2 shelf with books I am currently studying or using.
    5. Fan — cannot sleep without the white noise
    6. Chair, ottoman, sheepskin, and stool  . . . Where I can be found when I’m sitting down.  The ottoman is also my desk. The stool holds everything I need to move through the day, and each thing is returned to its home as soon as that bit of work is accomplished.
  2. Transportation
    1. Schwinn GTX3 with Ibera rack and trunk, bike helmet, cable lock, tire pump.
    2. Shoes — usually Nike Free trainers
  3. Movement
    1. LL Bean UV bike shirt + puffer vest
    2. PopFit Yoga pants (shorts in warm weather, leggings in cool weather)
    3. Shirts: C9 tank top (bright orange), and old t-shirts (for cooler weather)
    4. Yoga: Manduka Pro yoga mat, yoga mat strap, buckwheat hull yoga block
    5. Strength: 5 pound dumbbells, 10 pound kettlebell
  4. Learning and Spiritual Life
    1. Passport journal cover (handmade by my daughter)
    2. A5 learning journal
    3. Fountain Pen Pouch:
      1. TWSBI eco green
      2. TWSBI eco red
      3. Lamy safari black
    4. The Green Bible (NRSV)
    5. Welsh notebook (simple spiral bound)
    6. Kindle Paperwhite (with case and charger)
    7. Plus whatever books I am reading/studying at the time
  5. Food and Kitchen
    1. Bowl (red)
    2. Snack plate
    3. Mug with infuser
    4. MiiR camp mug
    5. Klean Kanteen, berry
    6. Utensils: spoon, fork, butter knife
    7. Blue soup mug for food storage
    8. Cloth napkin
    9. Chef knife
    10. cutting board
    11. Tiny cast iron pan (just for me)
    12. cast iron Dutch oven, small (shared)
    13. cast iron Dutch oven, large (shared)
    14. instapot (shared)
    15. pour over coffee carafe (shared)
    16. coffee bean grinder (shared)
    17. kitchen washcloth and towels (shared)
    18. Pantry— filled with glass jars holding staples (+stuff to make snacks) and bowls holding produce (shared)
    19. Mixing bowl for making bread, making big salads (shared)
    20. Glass jars and bowls for storing cooked food in refrigerator (shared)
  6. Leaving the House
    1. Tom Bihn Travel Cube-let (Mars red)
    2. Inside Cube-let: Tom Bihn Clear Organizer Wallet (plum)
    3. Inside Cube-let: Tom Bihn Ghost Whale Organizer (Mars Red, holds my travel spoon, fork, bandana, and collapsible straw)
    4. Warm Weather: straw tote that hold cube-let, old fashioned hand fan, canvas bags, Klein kanteen
    5. Cool Weather: black tote that holds all of the above + gloves and hat
  7. Traveling
    1. Tom Bihn Yeoman Duffle (Mini, Verde)
    2. Tom Bihn 3-1-1 bag + little glass jars I use
    3. Tom Bihn organizer bag — for cables, stands, and chargers
    4. Eagle Creek Specter packing cube — clothes
    5. Eagle Creek Specter small packing cube (2) — PJs, jackets
  8. Technology
    1. iPhone + case + stand + charger
    2. iPad + case + protective sleeve + charger + keyboard
    3. Tom Bihn Co-Pilot (aubergine: my work/study/journal/iPad stuff storage place)
  9. Emergency Bag
      1. Sleeping bag
      2. solar charger for devices
      3. USB fan
      4. Jasper extra leash, food dish and water bowl
      5. spare glasses
      6. List of things to stuff in when tornado warning is issued. This is pretty easy since my 3-1-1 bag holds all my hygiene stuff, my Rx is right beside the 3-1-1 bag, and my dresser is 5 feet from the bathroom door. My tech stuff is on the middle shelf of my dresser, journals are on top, and Jasper is never very far where I am