20 May 2021 — I’ve lost a great deal of this month. I really don’t have much to show for it other than a garden planted, walks taken, a book read, Welsh lessons, and moving through the grieving process.

The grieving process, and necessary trips to FL to be with family, has been unexpectedly complicated. I know that grief is not a straight line through, but I didn’t expect to be so distracted by it 7 weeks later. Most days I move along doing normal things, catching up work that has been neglected, but once in a while grief will sit me down and silence me for a bit.

Garden: 13 out of 17 annual beds are planted, the blackberries look amazing, the grapes seem to be thriving after a good pruning, the peach trees have fruit, the cherry trees look dead (I think it was the last ice storm), and the new cherry bushes are starting to grow. We have eaten asparagus for weeks this year and it is time to let it go so it feeds the roots for next year. We should have strawberries by the weekend.

Chickens: The chicken yard expansion is done and they love the extra space.

Rabbits: The rabbits continue to be the easiest boys in the world to care for. They are aging, but still doing really well.

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