March, Vigils, and Beginnings

Here we are a year after lockdown started for me. Still in lockdown, still hoping for an end to the pandemic, and still missing those I can’t see in person. There is reason for hope, however, in the fact that we are vaccinating more people than are testing positive.

I received my first dose of vaccine on 8 March from a nursing home that had overflow doses that they didn’t want to waste. I have an appointment to get my second dose on 9 April at the local health department.

March 1 also brought news that my uncle (and godfather) had passed away. It is one of those events that is a blessing and yet the grief is so strong. He was one of those men who loved quietly and deeply. I will miss him and his kind ways.

In the garden we have planted 3 Nanking cherries, 2 Loganberries, and 6 Concord grapevines. We have dug the holes for the chicken yard expansion fence and rabbit hutches, and I have started rosemary from cuttings, elderberry from seeds, and lavender from seeds.

It may be quiet here for a while. There is still one other very hard thing in the near future. I can’t write about it yet, it is hard to even admit it is real some days. . . . Soon though, I will find the words. Soon.

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