Ceremony: A Study

27 Jan 2021, snowstorm

I wasn’t seeking a new project. In fact, I thought I had more than enough on my hands as it was. And yet, here I am six weeks into a project that has already worked its way deep into my being. It started, as all good things do, in a conversation among companions. We were discussing little rituals that we have and how creating a ritual can help with grief, remembrance, and celebration. A quote came to mind from RWK’s book _Braiding Sweetgrass_ and so I shared it with my companions. The rest of the day I began to remember more quotes from her book and from others. By the next morning I decided to spend this year reading, writing, and creating ceremonies.

The quote that started it all: That, I think, is the power of ceremony: it marries the mundane to the sacred. The water turns to wine, the coffee to a prayer. The material and the spiritual mingle like grounds mingled with the hummus, transformed like steam rising from a mug into the morning mist. _Braiding Sweetgrass_ by Robin Wall Kimmerer, pg 37/38.

My hope is that I will be able to create meaningful ceremonies that reflect the wheel of the year and my own personality.

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