Qi-gong, a new practice

My Qi-gong practice is brand new. From reading, I learned Qi-gong is a moving meditation, slow flowing movements, deep rhythmic breathing, and a calm state of mind. Originally the aim was to promote the movement of Qi by stretching and twisting the three energy channels. The key seems to be relax and breathe.

I started by practicing with 8 Pieces on You-Tube while I learned the breathing pattern and motions. I go back and rewatch her once a week to make sure my practice is staying on track. After two weeks of careful watching and even taking some notes I felt ready to try it on my own. I think 25 years of yoga helped with the movement + breath learning.

Every morning for the past three weeks, I have rolled out of bed, and placed my feet very deliberately upon the ground. I begin with a moment of quiet, just counting breaths, and being thankful I can do this practice.

I will continue practicing this form for as long as possible. I know there is a longer one, but these 15 minutes are still new and feel like sand that could slip between my fingers if I try to move on too quickly.

8 Pieces of Silk Brocade Form

  • Warm up: Deep Breaths
  • Warm up: Swinging Arms
  • #1 — Two Hands Upholding the Sky
  • #2 — Pulling the Bow
  • #3 — Crane Stretching Wing
  • #4 — Looking Backward / Wise Owl
  • #5 — Left and Right Swing / Bear
  • #6 — Up and Down Stretch
  • #7 — Diagonal Knock
  • #8 — Heel and Toe Bounce
  • My addition: Mountain Pose — Centering

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