Simplicity: Clothing

Simplicity > Essential #8 > Clothing

If I own it and wear it, it is one of these colors.

The reality of my pre-Covid life was that I was at home six days out of seven, go to church (where we dress casually), run a few errands, and a book club meeting two to three times a month. The reality of my mid-Covid life is that I am home except for the very occasional trip out. When at home, my tasks fall into a few categories: farming, walking, learning/reading, cleaning, and sleeping.

This makes it pretty easy to keep my wardrobe simple and small.

  • 5 long-sleeved t-shirts
  • 5 cardigans/sweaters (2 are at home only)
  • 3 flannel shirts (1 at home only)
  • 2 big sweatshirts (at home only)
  • 5 short-sleeved t-shirts (summer farm shirts/winter “apron shirts”)
  • 2 short-sleeve shirts + 2 shells
  • 2 yoga pants (at home only)
  • 3 jeans
  • 1 trousers
  • 1 skirt
  • 2 pair shorts (at home only)
  • 1 pair trainers, 1 pair boots, 2 pair loafers, 1 pair sandals, 1 pair flats
  • Everyday Carry purse + backpack
  • A few pieces of jewelry
  • Rain coat, parka, gloves, sun hat, winter hat, scarf
  • puffer vest, farm boots, farm coat (at home only)

As you can see, my wardrobe is super simple, super casual, and super comfortable. I have a couple of options that are specifically for dressing up. Honestly though, I avoid that as much as I can. Weddings, funerals . . . That is about all I am willing to be fussy about.

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