Low Waste: Bathroom

I have considered myself a “green chick” since 1993 and have been refining my life and our farm to fit more inline with my beliefs. This stay-at-home order has really allowed me the extra time to focus on what remains to be done.

The bathroom is in pretty good shape. Here are some pictures that sum up what I use and includes everything except my shampoo bar and soap bar, which are the same bar, but it was wet and in the shower and it just didn’t seem that important to have a picture of it.

  • Safety razor
  • Neutrogena Face SPF (because I am a farm girl and sometimes the big floppy hat isn’t enough. This lasts about a year.)
  • Thayer’s witch hazel in glass spray bottle (4 months supply, comes in a plastic bottle that lasts a year)
  • Boots organic face serum (6 months supply)
  • sandalwood comb
  • salt stone (deodorant, lasts about 3 years)
  • bamboo toothbrush
  • geo-organics toothpaste (I am switching to the tooth soap when this runs out. This lasts about 3- months, the tooth soap should last about a year.)
  • geo-organics silk floss (in glass dispenser, I buy just the refills, they last for so long I can’t remember the last time I had to fill up.)
  • geo-organics mouthwash tablets (6 months supply)
  • tweezers, clippers, and wood/bristles body brush
  • portable bidet
  • potty cloth
  • Turkish Towel (x2, years and years old, super soft at this point, no signs of wearing out.)
  • Humby Peppermint shampoo bar (Used daily for hair, face, and body, lasts 3-4 months) — NOT SHOWN
  • Make-Up cup NOT SHOWN: mascara, lip pencil, lip stick (clear), lip pencil sharpener

What I would like to do better: not much to be truthful. I am comfortable with this amount of usage. I am at peace with my face, body, and hair. Well, I’d like a haircut, but will patiently await the re-opening of the salons/barber shops.

I would like to order some organic flannel potty cloths sometime. Mine are old cotton washcloths and they are fraying quite badly.


Learning — Welsh, still and always

IN the Garden:

  • bed 1 — rabbits over compost + chamomile, horehound, and borage
  • bed 2 —
  • bed 3 —
  • bed 4 —
  • bed 5 — compost (finished)
  • bed 6 –lettuce, kale, chard, radishes, brussels sprouts, strawberries, tomatoes, basil, arugula, and bok choy
  • bed 7 — compost (older), tomatoes right in the compost
  • bed 8 — arugula, bok choy, carrot, beet, brussels sprouts, basil, and tomatoes
  • bed 9 —
  • bed 10 —
  • bed 11 –Jacob’s Cattle Beans, okra, and beets for seed saving, and strawberries
  • bed 12– Bennings Green Tint squash, okra and beets for seed saving
  • bed 13 — Purple Coneflower
  • bed 14 —
  • bed 15 — compost (new)

Reading Fiction –The Cruelest Month

Reading Non-fiction— Bringing It to The Table, Welcoming the Unwelcome (Book Group), The Circadian Code (repeat)

Listening — Braiding Sweetgrass (second time through)

Moving — Daily Walks, Daily stretching, and Strength & HIIT on M,W,F.

Planning —

  • How many more beds we need to add to the garden
  • How to enclose the compost under the rabbits to keep Jasper out while still being easy to move aside for raking out manure. This needs to happen more often than it does, but our system is not ideal.
  • Chicken runs that attach to their small house.
  • Anther set of clothes lines right next to the current lines. Sheets and blankets definitely need higher lines.
  • How many more trees will fit in the eastern section of the front yard.

Planting outside of garden: Maple tree from MA for Mothers’ Day

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