what a difference

Well, March and April certainly didn’t go according to plan. I suppose in some respects, you can never really plan to live through a pandemic. I mean, you could, but that would make you either an virologist or a prepper. I am neither.

What I am is a planner, a thinker, a gardener, and a creative problem solver. That last part means that I come up with unique answers that others call creative. That means, they would never have gone about it the same way I did.

We have a decent food pantry, seeds for this year’s garden, my sourdough starter has come out cold storage and has been cranking out a daily loaf of bread, and I have a notebook full of notes and ideas for getting through this.

With my auto-immune disease, I am considered high risk for unpleasant complications from this virus. I have been on lock-down for 7 weeks on the advice of my coordinating physician. They can’t give me an honest answer when that might be over either. So in the meantime Kelly and Hannah (with help from Abby on occasion) have been doing the shopping and errand running. Thankfully, I already have a lot of that stuff automated through a couple different companies.

With a healthcare worker living in the same house we have some challenges as far as isolating a potential carrier. Hannah has been using her room like it is an apartment and today we met in the front yard. Sitting 8 feet apart, in a swing and in a rocker, having a good long (and much overdue) conversation. This is hardest part for me — not seeing close up those I love.

In other news: I learned how to hand sew a fabric surgical mask.

In other news: I learned you can’t just cut the legs off of jeans to make shorts. Well, at least not straight leg jeans.

In other news: I have cleaned every square inch of my bathroom and bedroom multiple times.


Learning — Welsh, still and always

IN the Garden:  lettuce, kale, chard, radishes, brussels sprouts

Reading –Still Life, A Fatal Grace, and just started The Cruelest Month

Reading — The Hebrew Bible: Feminist Perspectives, More Me: A Journey

Listening — The Chronicles of Narnia

Moving — Tracy Anderson Cardio Dance for Beginners, and Method Express. Plus lots of walks in the woods.

Planning — the next garden bed, a new path through the woods that would go around the “young woods,”



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