Autumn has truly arrived with much cooler (and very welcome) temperatures. Time for the closet swap out. My chief goal this year is to create comfortable outfits.

  • 9 colorful long-sleeve tops (red, orange, white, green, dark green, blue, navy, purple, and black)
  • 4 pants (2 black, 2 jeans)
  • 3 cotton zip up cardigans
  • 1 black dress + 1 denim skirt
  • red plaid scarf
  • black jacket
  • red peacoat (nicer) + blue winter coat (for farm/walking/hiking/quick trips when it is really cold — not in the picture)
  • Keens: black wool and brown leather
  • Trainers: Nike Free Run
  • I am still looking for the perfect pair of long boots to wear with the dress. Alas this is my 2nd year searching.
  • Totebag: in which I carry a smaller Tom Bihn purse, waterbottle, and grocery bag.
  • Purse: hmm  . . . You can’t see it in the picture, but I also have a black leather wristlet/wallet for dress-up.

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