Begin again. . .



You know how life goes along, steadily, slowly, comfortably, and then out of the blue all sorts of challenges come up? You know how you wonder if you have the strength to muddle through? You know how you cling to hope?

Yep. Going through it now. Growing it through it — I hope.

It got me thinking about my constants — ie: the things that are steadfast in my life and how they help shape me, protect me from “blowing in the wind”, and help me love others better.

Here is a bullet list of my constants.

  • Simple mornings: greet the morning, Laud (+ Psalms + Gospel reading), walk, breakfast.
  • Do something: house chores, farm chores, animal chores
  • Learn something: Welsh, non-fiction reading, work on a project
  • Downshifting: fiction reading, meditation, color, knit, crochet
  • Family first evenings + Vespers
  • Sleep transition: gratitudes, face, teeth, candle, audiobook and compline

That seems to be it. It doesn’t look much. I like how the day is wrapped in prayer and  gratitude. I’m learning the art of doing less but doing it better.

I’ve decided to limit my screen time in October to under an hour a day. This won’t include UpFirst podcast for my daily news, my morning IG photo from my daily walk, or my Welsh learning programs.  It will include: email, texts, surfing, IG (other than to post my daily shot), blog reading, and tv.

Instead I will walk the yard more often, daydream more often, slowly absorb a good book, color more, write more, knit/crochet more, talk more (even if it is just to Jasper), and feel more.


What I’m reading: Braiding Sweetgrass, The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight (repeat), A Canticle for Liebowitz

What I’m listening to: UpFirst podcast, The House of Hades (audiobook), the wind rustling the sycamore leaves as they fall, and Welsh

What I’m working on : Eco-theology gap/grant for my parish, garden wrap-up for the season, and feasibility of repeating the 90% project


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