Planning — Spring 2019

Winter Recap:

  • Wardrobe –I wore out all but one  my long-sleeve t-shirts. This means I need to watch clearance racks and find 4 new ones for next year. Things I noticed about shirts — I like them long and snug enough to wear a t-shirt over or a sweater. I rarely if ever just wear a long sleeve shirt. My pants and sweaters are all in good shape. I seriously need to find a pair of zero heel boots. I missed my boots this year.
  • Weather — It was a very wet winter, far wetter than normal. We had a few very cold snaps, including one that had temperatures colder than in a generation, but overall the temperatures were pretty normal for this part of Indiana. Things to consider for weather would be getting a pair of waterproof boots for wearing to church/shopping/errands.
  • Learning — Welsh is going really well (I know I keep writing about this, but it truly makes me so happy). Igniting the Flame is much easier than I anticipated. Less scholarly, more reflection. Permaculture class and I parted ways. I wasn’t getting enough out of it to justify the monthly cost. They are so focused on a younger generation that they can’t see modifications for older gardeners are needed. I’ll keep on keeping on and we will transform our space into one that will work for us now and for the next 20-30 years.
  • Health & Fitness — I completed Dedicate, a 30 day yoga journey, and then kept up my practice through February and March (up to the time of this post) by using a combination of YWA (Yoga with Adrienne) videos and my own flows. I took up Pilates as part of my strength training regime along with returning to the FWFL prep week workouts. I continue to walk each morning — usually inside during this weather.

Spring Plans —

  • Wardrobe: I don’t think anything will need replacing this year. I have plenty of t-shirts and graphic Ts, cotton cardigans in light weight and medium weight. I have my spring jacket and rain jacket, I have my farm boots and plenty of zero heel shoes for warmer weather.
    • Bottoms: 2 denim, 2 black + 2 skirts
    • short sleeve t-shirts: 1 black, 1 white, 1 navy, 2 gray,
    • graphic t-shirts to wear around the house x 4
    • 2nd layers: blue zip cardigan, red cardigan, green cardigan
    • shorts for around the house x 3
    • sneakers, flats, sandals — all zero heel
    • weather related: 3 jackets and farm boots
    • swim suit is still good too.


  • Weather
Apr.          68° / 43°.                8 days
May.         78° / 54°.                8 days
Jun.          85° / 62°.                6 days
  • Events:
    • Church: Easter and Pentecost
    • Spiritual Companion Group
    • Retreat Days
    • Errands and Grocery shopping
    • Celtic Vesper service team meetings
    • Hannah’s birthday
  • Farm and Garden tasks
    • build chicken yard and  rabbit house
    • plant 5 trees
    • pollinator garden expansion (and seeds)
    • ? additional clothes line ?
    • put up pool (re-level the ground)
    • purchase garden seeds, heirloom and organic only
    • cistern expansion
    • continue firewood collection one day per month
    • lawn mowing will begin




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