IgF: units 1-3, other thoughts

This post is a mishmash of thoughts and ideas from units 1-3 that didn’t seem to have quite enough follow through to become a post, but enough to keep them handy and to think about as time goes by.

What are my burning issues of the moment:

  • Debt reduction: We are working hard and have made tremendous progress, but lately it seems we can’t make huge strides. I think it is a combination of beginning of the year appointments (which we pay for because of our high deductible) and a new prescription plan that almost tripled our monthly out of pocket. Our pantry supplied a lot of staples that carried us with lower grocery bills for quite a while, and now it is depleted and we’re buying all our groceries on paydays. Debt reduction is a priority because we will need (and want) the freedom it will bring. We’d like to have all our land systems in place and a retirement cottage built on the land prior to retirement age — all done with no debt.
  • Strained relationships: What do you do when a person is toxic to your well-being and yet there is a bond of family? How do you make allowances for age, upbringing, health, and personality? At what point do those things not really matter? These are things I am dealing with — sometimes actively, sometimes just because I know the issue will come up again. Therapy (about this) has taught me that honesty is key–yet, this person is not open to working through issues. Living with a chronic condition makes me realize that pain and fatigue do cause issues, but I try very hard never to use my pain as an excuse for hurting another person or as an excuse for my own bad decisions. I know lots of people living with chronic pain that are kinder, gentler, and more loving because of it.

Routines and Distractions:

  • My morning routine works very well for me, so I don’t see any changes that I want to make. Laud, meditation, yoga, walk, and self-care practices. . . .
  • My day flows well and I have created enough restful spaces that I can get all my work done (unless it is a truly awful disease day).
  • My night routine needs some tuning up so I added Examen (building up form my past simple gratitude list), and started reading from my Kindle or an actual book instead of the phone. I’ve even started turning the phone completely off and putting in all the way across the room before going to sleep.
  • I put almost all notifications on “Do Not Disturb” including texts. I kept Kelly, Michael, and Hannah active, but all others are silenced. It helps. I in check between tasks to see who needs what and whether it needs a reply right now or if it can wait until I sit down.

What do I consider work? recreation?

  • Work: tidying up house, cleaning house, laundry, dishes, gardening (plants), farming (animals), property management (yard, woods, driveway, firewood), food prep (includes preserving the harvest), grocery shopping, Health Coaching clients, reading non-fiction, writing, exercise (not yoga), making candles, making salves, studying for my classes, Welsh (I almost put this in recreation because it feels fun, but it has the aspect of work because it also must be done),
  • Recreation: audiobooks, reading fiction, knitting/crocheting/coloring, leisurely walks, bike rides for fun, watching a show, chats with family and friends,
  • prayer/mindfulness: daily offices, yoga, meditation,

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