my corner


I have my own little corner of the living room. It is where I sit to read, to listen, to learn, and to surf the web.

  • The cabinet to the right holds my Welsh learning notebook, flashcards, pens, stamps, my beeswax candle for devotions, a lamp, and is where my iPhone can normally be found.
  • The ottoman holds my extra knitting yarn, and occasionally the project (if it is too big for my basket. I also use the ottoman as a desk. My laptop sits there while I do my writing. I sit on my yoga bolster when using the ottoman as a desk.
  • The stool to the left is normally where my stack of reading, study notebooks, and journal sit. I keep them all there and put each away as I complete it for the day. The sheepskin is wonderful for really cold and really hot days. It keeps me insulated and the temperature comfortable. I also use the sheepskin for meditation time and sometimes when I just want to flop on the floor for some extra stretches or to watch tv.

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