30 Days of Yoga


This January my sisters and I did the 30 day yoga challenge by Yoga with Adrienne. The theme this year was dedicate. Of all the yoga challenges I’ve done this one was my favorite.

The program was really well designed and Adrienne is a joy to watch and follow. She is quirky, cute, and really knows what she’s doing. In the past month, I lost 2 pounds (and the only change was doing this program every single morning) , some lower back aches have resolved themselves, and that pesky problem shoulder has a lot more range of motion. Unfortunately, not much can be done about my hands, but I’ve learned to modify poses when I need to.

On top of all that goodness was the sheer fun of chatting via text with my sisters each evening as we checked in with each other. I loved being part of their evenings and talking yoga and dogs.

Now that it is February, it is time for some new habit tracking. I’ve chosen:

  • 28 days of yoga
  • 24 days of walking
  • 8 days of strength training (and I’m doing Kettlebell Swings)
  • continuing Welsh practice (bring section 2 levels up to 5, SSiW #6 and #7, and listening practice #1 each day.
  • 24 days of writing — something, anything, for my class, for this blog, just on paper, whatever, but 6 days a week.
  • 2 retreat days (after my Spiritual Companion Group, I’ll walk, and get lunch and then sit and read or think, but not work, until Hannah picks me up.
  • read 2 fiction books and 2 non-fiction books


What I’m reading:  The Celtic Way of Prayer, Cherringham 16-18, Educated

What I’m listening to:  Circe, Welsh

What I’m watching:  

What I’m learning: Igniting the Flame, Welsh, Permaculture

What I’m thinking about:  My first (big) paper is due next month. I have an outline and thoughts jotted down. I just need to winnow them until the paper comes into shape. Then I need to do the serious writing and editing.

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