a quiet time

I kept thinking to myself, “I’ve really got to sit down and write a blog post.” Yet, there didn’t seem to be anything to say. Well, that’s not entirely true. . . I had a lot of words about a lot of things. It was the “really got to” that finally got through to me. I needed a bit of quiet time. I needed time to sort through my own rumblings so I could really hear what was going on in my head.  (Hello, any Enneagram 5s out there?)

So I took the time between Christmas and today to just sit with my thoughts and feelings. And today, I wanted to sit down with the blog and do a little writing. Sometimes I lose sight of my goal for this blog. What is the goal, you might ask.  And I’ll tell you. The goal of this blog is for me to tell my story, in my words, in my way without wondering or worrying who might or might not read the words.

That is liberating!


I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions or word of the year. It is just not me. What I do is set monthly habit goals and goals. I can do anything for 30 days.  I always start the year with a 30 day yoga challenge. It gets me on my mat during a month when I would really rather just curl up and sit by the fire for hours and hours. Usually yoga is the only exercise I get during January — and I am ok with that. More than ok with that, I think for my body, my life, and my goals that is the best way to be in January.

This year I also set a habit goal of practicing my Welsh every single day. I’ve been doing it already, but that same desire to sit by the fire needed a bit of a kick in this direction too. I love learning Welsh. I probably haven’t enjoyed learning anything as much as I am enjoying this. I delight in it, it brings joy even while stretching brain cells and forging new connections in my grey matter.

I had a bit of family drama and that took a real toll on me this year. My auto-immune disorder was already flaring a little bit and the interactions with this person caused a full-on flare. This happened via text on Christmas Eve. So I’ve come to the place where I realize she will never accept responsibility for causing hurt and I cannot do a thing about it. The best course of action is to limit our interactions and make sure that any interactions with my (adult) kids are acceptable to them.  They have to decide their own level of relationship with her.  It was easier when they were little — see this post for my solution to this very same stress.

This year there is no imminent move to Europe, not even an imminent visit, sigh, so I’m practicing yoga, practicing Welsh . . . and writing.

It is good to be back home. Here, telling my story, my way, and living a good, small, simple life.



What I’m reading:  The Celtic Way of Prayer, Cherringham 13-15

What I’m listening to: Circe 

What I’m watching:  Snow, ice, rain, puddles in the yard.

What I’m learning: yoga, Welsh, Igniting the Flame class, Permaculture 

What I’m thinking about:  Enneagram, knitting, how much longer until seed planting. . . 

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