Planning — Winter 2019

Autumn Recap:

  • Wardrobe — I found that two of my 2nd layers aren’t warm enough for late Autumn and Winter, so they got put in the tote and I bought a sweatshirt. It is casual, but it suits my lifestyle and looks sporty and tidy when I wear it out in public. I switched out most of my t-shirts for long-sleeved t-shirts.
  • Weather — We had far more wet days than the average and are on track to have one of the wettest years on record (Since I post this seasonally, there are still some days of the year left.)
  • Activities — I did not go to Florida this year. There were too many things going on and I couldn’t justify the expense.
  • Budget — We kept current with any new medical bills and paid off medical debt of $400. We had a total loss claim on our vehicle. Hannah bought a 2019 to replace the 2013.

Winter Plans —

Wardrobe Plans:

  • Bottoms:  4 (1 black slim trousers, 3 jeans)
  • Dress:  1 (black knit rib) and denim skirt
  • Shirts:  5 (sage, navy, white, green, black)
  • 2nd Layers: 3 (moss, black, blue sweatshirt)
  • Weather related: 4 (black jacket, vest, winter coat +scarf, hat, and mittens)
  • Accessories:
    • Shoes: 5 (black bootie, black flat, brown boots, black boots, insulated snow boots)
    • Purse/Tote: 2 (green purse, black tote)
    • Scarves: 3 (monet, red plaid, rust/purple)
    • Jewelry: 3 (earrings), 1 necklace
  • Underwear, bras, socks, long underwear, and pjs
  • Exercise clothes: leggings, t-shirt, bike jacket, safety yellow puffer vest



Month.     High / Low(°F).     Rain
Dec.          46° / 27°.                 7 days
Jan.           42° / 23°.                5 days
Feb.          48° / 27°.                5 days
Mar.         57° / 34°.                8 days
  • church
  • Spiritual Companion Group
  • Celtic service team
  • Errand running days
  • Christmas Eve service
  • Christmas party
  • CK’s birthday
  • Igniting the Fire class (1 year course)
  • Permaculture Class
  • Welsh lessons
Home Activities:
  • exercise
  • housekeeping
  • prepping seed trays for early greens
  • tax prep and filing
  • research tillers (?)
  • order supplies for shade house / rabbit house
  • order organic soil for garden extension
  • Build first tall raised bed (will be 2 1/2 feet tall x 50 square feet)
Budget Goals:
  • Make progress or medical pay off ($3200)
  • Next up: credit card pay off ($4000)
  • Use tax money for raised beds and shade house/rabbit house


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