transitioning land use 1

When we first moved to our little piece of earth it was a corn field with a half acre of woods smack in the middle. You could actually see the corn stalks for almost a whole year after we purchased it. We decided early on not to use any chemicals on the property. I bought bag after bag of grass seed (all different types), clover seeds, and a hay mix.We put up fences and bought goats and even a Jersey cow. We bought hay from a neighbor to feed them. Gradually a mix of green things began to grow.

At some point in the first few years we decided to stop mowing the back acre and a half. For time we let the goats roam and graze back there, but it was hard to keep track of them and they ended up outside the fence as much as they were inside the fence. So we fenced it off and just let it go wild.

Now, 15 years later it is a young woods. There are probably over a hundred sycamore, maple, oak, and cedar. It is a beautiful area. This year, for the first time, we are creating paths around the perimeter and into the center of this young woods. It would be a lovely place to build a tiny off-grid house for either Hannah or Michael.

In front of the old woods was another 3 acres of field. We’ve used it as livestock pasture, chicken house and pen, and for the past 6 years, since the big tornado, we’ve let it go wild too. We maintain paths through it and try not to encroach beyond the paths — except where Michael is digging the new cistern/small pond and a ditch system to help the land drain better. We have about 25 new little trees in this area.

Into this area I plan to plant willow trees around the cistern,  nut trees along the paths, fruit trees hidden among all the others, and some trees intended to be firewood in years to come. If I figured properly, we will need almost 100 trees. It will take a few years to be able to afford and plant them all. We’ll be building a new chicken coop and several chicken yards close to the house, but protected by the trees.


What I’m reading:  Harry Potter 3 in German, The Celtic Way of Prayer, Becoming

What I’m listening to: Ghost Hawk

What I’m watching:  Doctor Who, The Good Place

What I’m learning in Welsh:

  • a / ac
  • y /yr / ‘r
  • ond
  • yma
  • ar
  • fferm
  • di-waith
  • ysgrifennyddes
  • peintio
  • wal, bref, llong, llawr, nenfwd
  • dweud
  • rhywbeth
  • yn y Gymraeg
  • beth
  • rwan
  • o’n I isio
  • well i mi
  • had yn hyn

What I’m thinking about:  

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