grocery day at a new store


This is the Kroger in Jeffersonville Indiana. I’ve been wanting to get down there and look around for a long time, but it seems like one thing after another kept getting in the way.  Now that I’ve finally been able to make the trip, it is a priority that I shop there. I went in with my reusable grocery boxes, produce bags, and cotton bags. I used every single one and could have used more . . .

Normally we come home with a few produce items in plastic bags (like potatoes and spinach). That was still true, but only because I read out of bags this time.

Things like beans, rice, ginger crystals, nuts, oatmeal, muesli, trail mix all normally come in a plastic bag, but I was able to use my small cotton bags and bring it home without plastic. I definitely could use a few more of those small bags, but I think we’ll figure out a system pretty quick and maybe not need to buy many more.

I’m thinking about taking my glass storage containers (with the UPC code on the lid) and keeping them in my grocery box (as they become empty), then at the store I’ll pour the beans into my cotton bag, weigh it, print out the price sticker, and then pour the beans into the glass jar and repeat the process with another dry good. That seems like it should work pretty well. By having the UPC on the lid, I can avoid the back and forth looking for codes that we experienced this time.

They have a bakery, salad bar, meat department, and cheese department too. So I will try using my reusable containers to pick up that stuff too. We’ll see if they let me and how smoothly it goes.


What I’m reading:  The Forest Church, Harry Potter 3 in German, Cherringham #11

What I’m listening to: Merlin

What I’m watching:  News, Doctor Who, The Good Place

What I’m learning in Welsh: 

  • Da iawn
  • Da iawn, dioloch
  • Dim dioloch
  • lawn, dioloch
  • Sut dych chi, draig.

What I’m thinking about:  heat, warmth, tree planting, and how to raise a garden bed up 2 1/2 feet.



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