London: hopes & plans


I am planning a trip to London in October 2019. Hoping and planning are two of my favorite things about traveling. I do love the adventure, but I also love all the anticipation and preparation. I haven’t done much traveling since my auto-immune diagnosis. I’m setting out to change that!

I drew up a bucket list during a time of deep struggle and told myself, “Get well, and get going.” It has helped me remember my “why” when things get rough or I wake up achey. I have been working very hard to regain my health and to learn to cope with the permanent side effects. I feel pretty confident that by next Autumn, I will be ready.

and Plans

  1.  We’ve been diligently working to pay off medical debt. It was $20,000 when we started. If things continue along their present course we should be clear sometime in January 2019.
  2. Then I will save and save and save.
  3. I have decided to mainly focus on the Kensington area of London. Hotel picked, flights priced (well, you can really on estimate this far in advance), transportation researched, and days planned.
  4. The planning of days includes plenty of time to just rest. I’ve built our trip around running around in the morning, having a nice lunch out, and heading back to the hotel by 3 or 4. I’ll grocery shop so we have soup/sandwich type dinners in our room.
  5. And my fellow adventurer?  Hannah, Abby, and maybe Abby’s mom. Any other mother-daughter-sister duos want to tag along.

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