straw bag


I used this straw bag almost all summer. It became my “go to town” bag for those trips that included meetings, meals, and transitions between errands. I didn’t use it for quick trips to town for groceries.

It sits in my closet and holds my umbrella, water bottle, first aid pouch, utensils to to pouch (fork, napkin, hand sanitizer, and reusable straw), a couple of reusable bags, and my EDC (every day carry) purse.  I pop whatever I might need for whatever meeting I might have in there the night before too.  In other words, all those things I might forget if I am running late in the morning.

Planning — Autumn 2018

Wardrobe Plans:


  • Bottoms:  4 (1 black slim trousers, 3 jeans)
  • Dress:  1 (black knit rib)
  • Shirts: 7 (white, striped, green, sage, purple, 2 black)
  • 2nd Layers: 4 (moss, black, purple, navy)
  • Weather related: 3 (denim jacket, black jacket, rain jacket <not shown because it’s currently soaking wet>)
  • Accessories:
    • Shoes: 5 (black loafer, black bootie, black flat, brown boots, black boots)
    • Purse/Tote: 2 (green purse, black tote)
    • Scarves: 3 (monet, red plaid, rust/purple)
    • Jewelry: 3 (earrings), 1 necklace
  • Underwear, bras, socks, and pjs
  • Things I don’t count: watch, wedding set, winter coat/hat/mittens/scarf (should it be needed),  and sunglasses.  I also don’t count clothes I only wear around the house or exercise clothes.



Month                    High / Low(°F).         Rain
Sept                         81° / 57°.                    6 days
Oct                          70° / 45°.                     5 days
Nov                         57° / 36°.                     7 days


  • Church
  • Spiritual Companion Group
  • Errand Running Days
  • Celtic Seminar
  • Election Day
  • My birthday
  • Thanksgiving
  • MA’s birthday
  • possible trip to visit my family

Home Activities:

  • Autumn cleaning
  • Winter prep for garden
  • Firewood (from downed/dead wood on our property)
  • House prep for winter
  • exercise: walks, biking, yoga, resistance training
  • wash all cold-weather bedding

Budget Goals:

  • Pay off medical debt #1 ($400)
  • Pay down medical debt #2 ($3200)
  • Spending Fast for me personally starting Sept 21 and lasting until December 21. I can purchase Christmas gifts. Not included are necessities like food, home cleaning needs, and bathroom essentials.







low impact exercise

Exercise and movement are so important to our being fit and healthy. It takes surprisingly little to get your workouts in at home.


I’m currently using–

For cardio three days a week:  my trainers, a jump rope, and my bike.  I use the HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) variety.  I take a daily walk as soon as the sun is up to get my daily dose of sunshine. I consider the walk an activity not an exercise.

For strength training three days a week: 2 x 5 pound weights, 2 x 8 pound weights, 1 x 12 pound weight, and a set of fitness bands.  I do an upper body push (counter push-up &  military press), an upper body pull (row, standing pull-up), a lower body pull (dead lift, hip-hinges), a lower body push (squat), balance (just standing around on one foot), and core (planks, dead bugs & Russian twists)

For flexibility training every day: a yoga mat, a yoga strap, a yoga block, and a bolster. I do a slow, steady, home practice that mirrors an old Jason Crandell video where you do 4 poses for each area you are focusing on . . . so using Sun Salutations you work in 4 shoulder, 4 hips, 4 abs, 4 leg, then a couple of balance moves, legs-up-the-wall series and finally savasana.

For mindfulness every day: BCP (with Laud and Vespers daily) and Headspace meditation app.