For many years I have been interested in a more Celtic expression of Christianity. I believe it fits well within the Anglican tradition where I have found my home. There are many aspects which speak to me: a focus on creation, a deeply held Trinitarian thought, and a life of prayer.  These things are not exclusive to the Celtic expression of faith, but I find them easiest to incorporate into my life within this circle.

The Iona Community has a Rule of Life that I really like:

As Members of the Iona Community we commit ourselves to:

  1. Daily prayer, worship with others and regular engagement with the Bible and other material which nourishes us
  2. Working for justice and peace, wholeness and reconciliation in our localities, society and the whole creation
  3. Supporting one another in prayer and by meeting, communicating, and accounting with one another for the use of our gifts, money and time, our use of the earth’s resources and our keeping of all aspects of the Rule.
  4. Sharing in the corporate life and organisation of the Community

I’ve adopted it as my own for the past several years. I haven’t done anything formal with the community, I just adapted it to my present situation and my own parish.

Daily Prayer, Worship with Others, and Regular Engagement: 

  • The Book of Common Prayer makes this very easy. Laud, Sext, Vespers, and Compline are all easy to memorize and are meaningful.  Initially I set up alarms on my phone to help me to remember to take time to do each.
  • I attend corporate worship as often as I am able (and this is wholly dependent on being able to arrange a ride since I can no longer see well enough to drive myself) and each worship service includes the Eucharist.
  • I use the Bible texts as set out in the BCP for daily reading. I always get in the Psalms and usually the Gospel text.  I also try to have at least two other books to read each day (in addition to my German reading book): usually non-fiction during the day and fiction in the evening.

Working for justice and peace, wholeness and reconciliation: 

  • Weekly phone calls and letter writing to my Members of Congress. This often feels like ramming my head into a brick wall, but it must be done.
  • I have three primary organizations that I follow for guidance on the issues
    • EPPN (Episcopal Public Policy Network)
    • Green Anglicans
    • NAA and ASI (National Autism Association and Autism Society of IN)  — Justice, Reconciliation & Wholeness

Supporting one another, being accountable for my gifts, time, money, and use of the Earth’s resources:

  • I have my Spiritual Companion Group that meets twice a month — which is a lovely opportunity to check in with others and then share thoughts on the book we are reading together.
  • I don’t have a good way to be accountable for my gifts, time, money, and use of the earth’s resources.  I’m thinking about adding a monthly post to be my accountability until I find a person/group for this.