Yard & Garden

There are two months around here that always seem super busy with yard/garden work: April and October, the beginning and the end of gardening season, and the shift between inside and outside.


Here are some highlights of what’s been happening in April (so far):

  • firewood collecting has ended
  • lawn mowing has begun
  • walks deep into the woods have ended
  • walks along the established paths in the woods have started
  • the front yard has been completely cleared of debris from the winter
  • the area where the new pool will go is being leveled
  • 2 of the 4 garden beds have been prepped and planted
    • lettuce, spinach, chard, kale, green onions, peas
    • strawberries
  • garden bed 3 is being turned under
  • compost beds 1 and 2 are both being filled
  • herb and flower bed is being planned
  • talks have been had about possibly buying a tiller (right now all garden work is done with hand tools and elbow grease)
  • talks have been had about how far apart to space trees in the meadow turned new woods
  • cistern 2 is being dug
  • trench from cistern 1 to cistern 2 is complete
  • trench from cistern 2 to creek bed is complete
  • old rabbit yard is cleared of debris
  • east backyard has been cleared of debris
  • laundry is being hung outside again — and it is delightful
  • the driveway is being used as a driveway and a staging area for clean-up piles


The past two tornados have been hard on our woods. I’d estimate we’ve lost about a third of our trees. We started clearing the downed wood starting at the south end of the woods and moving northward. It has kept us in firewood for 4 years. We’re only about half way done. There is still a lot down that needs to be cut up. Our guys don’t work in the woods during the spring, summer and fall. Too much poison ivy and Michael is super allergic.

Our woods were littered with a zillion things from the tornados. Its rough work getting it all out of there. I found 6 tires and hauled them up to the driveway. Today I spotted about 4 more — sigh. I’m not quite sure how you dispose of used tires, but I suppose I’ll make some calls and find out.

Tasks to be finished in April – May include:

  • continue lawn mowing
  • continue walks on the established paths of the woods
  • finish leveling pool area
  • install pool
  • plan deck for around pool and price out options.
  • get two rockers for the front porch
  • get a new hammock (just the fabric part)
  • complete prep of garden bed 3 and plant
  • start and complete prep of garden bed 4
  • finalize plans for herb & flower bed
  • continue work on cistern 2
  • clear west backyard of debris
  • call about dumpster, if needed
  • plant 1 cherry and 1 plum tree
  • plant willow branches in wet spots
  • plant Mothers’ Day trees


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