putting together a capsule wardrobe

A few weeks ago I answered questions that helped me establish some parameters for my capsule wardrobe. I took everything out of my closet, tried it on, and judged each piece of clothing.

This week is much easier. I am putting together a list of what I have, what I need, what might make for some “chic” outfits, and taking the NOs to the donation drop-off. I ended up with 4 small grocery bags for donation. These were mostly things that were too big or colors that were just wrong.

I started with the gardening/working outside clothes. I really only need a pair of shorts, a pair of capris, 2 t-shirts, a UV hat, and a UV over-shirt to make this work. I can wash one – wear one.  Good news! I have all this! All these went into a small shoebox size tote on my shelf.

Next onto exercise: This is about the same thing. I need 2 pair of exercise capris/shorts and 2 tank tops, plus my UV neon yellow bike shirt/jacket that helps vehicles and hunters see me. I need a good pair of trainers. More good news! I have all this too! These all went into a slightly larger tote on my shelf.

  • Champion knee-length exercise pants (Target)
  • Champion shorts (Target)
  • Champion tank x 2 (Target)
  • Trainers (Saucony Cohesion Grid)
  • Socks (Saucony Duo-Dry, no show)
  • UV/Reflective Yellow Long-Sleeve Bike Jacket (LL Bean)
  • UV/Reflective yellow short-sleeve bike jacket (LL Bean + I cut the sleeves)
  • Sports Bra x2

Actual Capsule Wardrobe ——



Neutrals/Column  — black and denim

Accent/Secondary — white, cobalt blue, green

Miscellaneous — navy, dark gray, red

Warm Weather 1st Layer Tops: 


  • White V-neck (LL Bean)
  • Added: white crew neck
  • Added: white with black stripes
  • Black V-neck (LL Bean)
  • Added: black crew neck
  • Added: black shell (Dillards)
  • Added: black shell with gray and cream (Dillards)
  • Green crew-neck (LL Bean)
  • Cobalt crew-neck (LL Bean)
  • Graphic T: Charcoal (Hogwarts Crest)
  • Emerald Green/Navy Shell (Dillards)


Warm Weather 2nd Layer Tops:


  • Red cotton cardigan
  • Black zip cardigan (LL Bean) — too hot for summer
  • Navy cardigan (LL Bean)
  • Green 3/4 sleeve cardigan (Dillards)
  • Green linen button up (Dillards)
  • Added: white open dressy jacket (Dillards)
  • Added: LL Bean open cardigan (green)

Weather Related Tops:

  • Black windbreaker (LL Bean)
  • Blue rain jacket (LL Bean)
  • Black/Charcoal Jacket (LL Bean) — too warm for summer
  • Denim Jacket (Dillards — Keeping this, even though it isn’t quite right)



  • Black trousers (LL Bean, perfect pant original)
  • Black trousers (LL Bean, perfect pant slim)
  • Black Capris (LL Bean, perfect pant)
  • Black Jeans (Lee, old)
  • Stone capris (LL Bean, perfect pant)
  • Stone trousers (LL Bean, perfect pant original)
  • Dark wash denim skirt (Dillards)
  • Gray wrap dress  — hmm . . .
  • NEED: Black skirt or LBD


Shoes & Purses :

  • Navy flats
  • Nude flats (hush puppy)
  • Black sandals (Clarks)
  • Sport Sandals (Clarks)
  • Brown sandals (Merrell)
  • black flats (Hush Puppy)
  • Black Loafer (Vibro-Barefoot)
  • Flip Flops (Teva)
  • Denim Tote (LL Bean)
  • Verde Side Effect (Tom Bihn)
  • Black Side Effect (Tom Bihn)
  • Verde Side Kick (Tom Bihn)
  • SwimSuit


Cool Weather adaptations — will sort through in September/October:

My cool weather capsule doesn’t look much different. It is basically long-sleeve t-shirts instead of short-sleeves and I’ll need a “chic” shirt option; the capris are stored and I’ll probably get a new pair of jeans and trousers; the sandals get stored and the ankle boots/shoes/snow-boots will come out; and the light-weight jackets will get put away and I’ll get out the down vest, puffer jacket, and storm coat.  I’d also like to get a fleece jacket for around the house.



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