insulated water bottle

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Klean Kanteen was one of my first introductions to the eco-friendly world way back in 2007. When I found the company, I ordered one for each of us. We each had a small sports-cap topped water bottle that fit in our bike water bottle carrier. They were single-walled, narrow opening, and got banged up. But they still held water and we loved them.

When Michael started working I bought 4 of the big 32 oz bottles. He’d take 2 full ones to work every day. They worked quite well except on really hot days the water became warmer than lukewarm and in the winter they would freeze. So then we bought him a cooler to keep in the work truck. It worked.

I was truly wildly ecstatic when Klean Kanteen introduced their insulated & wide mouth bottles. I slowly began to switch us over. I love the color of mine. It suits me perfectly. I like the 12 oz size because it isn’t heavy even when full. It can tuck into my tote bag or the side pocket of my luggage. The smaller size also encourages me to not over-hydrate.

**Edited to add: Today my daughter brought a very lovely HydroFlask (insulated) home for me. I’ve been having some difficulty opening the lid on the KK. This one has a flip lid. I’m excited to try it.  I’ll update after I’ve had a chance to use it for a while.



Reading:  At Home in the World (M Guenther), Zurück in Zürich (German), The Nature of the Beast (Gamache, L Penny)

Listening:  A Wrinkle in Time

Watching: Fringe


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