keep cup

Post series on The One, my list of 100 essentials for living simply and living small. #simplicity #100essentials


My Keep Cup is a 12 fluid ounces, barista standard, glass reusable coffee cup–what’s not to love?

In the past year Keep Cup has removed 3,735,715 disposable cups from circulation.  The plastic used in 20 of those cups would make 1 Keep Cup lid. Even if the disposable cup is recyclable it takes a commercial compost facility to compost it — you can’t just stick in your compost bin at home. That means energy is used to compost it.  This is not an ideal situation.

The Keep Cup is a great solution. It feels like a “Starbucks” cup in your hand, yet it enables you eliminate the disposable cup. I’ve never had any barista complain about this cup. Before this cup, I did occasionally have problems with them complaining about the size or shape of my old mug.


Reading:   Zurück in Zürich(German), At Home in the World (M Guenther), The Long Way Home (Gamach #10, L Penny)

Listening: Speaker for the Dead

Watching:  Fringe


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