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My third area of more/less is more simple-ness, less stuff. I’ve been chasing the idea of enough for several years now. I have decluttered, minimized, overhauled . . . ad nauseum, but somewhere along the line, things come in and I have to deal with the clutter all over again.

I’ve spent some time thinking about this and why it happens and what areas of my life are prone to “not enough-ness.” There are a couple of areas that really stood out, some because they continue to plague me and some because I feel like I have a handle on the area.: wardrobe/clothing, kitchen stuff, exercise stuff, books, nutrition books, household furniture/decor, and __________.

What I’ve learned about myself while really thinking this through is that while I am a minimalist at heart (can’t stand the clutter), I am also drawn to beauty and simple lines. For example: I had a very large collection of Fiesta Ware. I collected pieces because I thought they were beautiful. My kitchen stuff grew and grew and grew until I was storing stuff in totes. So not minimalistic and so not good stewardship of my time or money. Today though, I feel like I have a handle on the kitchen.

What changed? One day I realized that all the colors, shapes, and sizes of the Fiesta Ware felt chaotic and never quite complete (because new colors and new pieces were a constant temptation). So I sold the Fiesta Ware. All of it, except one pitcher and one small bowl. Then I went out and bought 4 simple white luncheon plates, 4 cereal bowls, 4 mugs, and 4 pasta bowls.

The pasta bowls are Dansk Christensen and I adore them.  Seeing the simple color (white with a one blue line) and simple lines has inspired me to change the the whole kitchen. Now instead of a pile of cheap dish towels in an assortment of colors, I have a nice stack of 12 organic cotton with blue stripes. Each change was deliberate and adds to the harmony of the kitchen.

Along these lines:
* I am going to continue to curate my #100essentials list. I have been posting this on the blog three times per week. This has been really helpful as I am looking at my things with new eyes.
* I am going to continue to refine and curate my closet to match my lifestyle and personal style+colors. Right now I have a wardrobe that is beginning to take shape, but I need to be mindful as I make future choices. It is too easy for me to go in a store and buy what fits and is on sale rather than what I really like, in colors that look good on me, and in styles that are comfortable but not sloppy.
* As our furniture needs replacing, I am not going to use Goodwill as my replacement center. I am going to make do and save for quality, simple lines, furniture. This may take a while, as I need to think about style, comfort, color, etc. This is not a strength of mine, and yet I feel like once I can define it and then put it in our home, the desire to simply change things will be lessened.
* I am going to continue to add plants to the house and I am going to begin a flower bed outside. I’m finding that plants and flowers are the “pop” I am looking for when I feel like I just need something new.
* Exercise stuff and nutrition type books will be dealt with as I work through more wellness, less confusion.

And finally, but not least importantly, I am going to let go of areas not in my direct control. I see the mess and clutter of other family members and it bothers me. So I am going to choose to NOT see and work on the areas of the house that are my primary responsibility.

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