candle holder

Post series on The One, my list of 100 essentials for living simply and living small. #simplicity #100essentials


I appreciate a simple aesthetic. I like simple lines, simple wood, simple colors, and simple smells. This little glass tea light holder has been holding my prayer candles for almost a decade. It doesn’t ask much, doesn’t require special cleaning, and has taken a fall more than once and manages to stay in one piece.

I use a beeswax candle with a cotton wick. I like the clean scent and the yellow glow.  Normally I save the plastic cup and any scraps of beeswax. I melt the beeswax (in a pyrex cup in the microwave), pour some in the bottom of the cup, add the wick, and then fill the little plastic cup to the top.  It takes a few hours once every six months to a year to fill up my box.


Reading: At Home in the World (M Guenther), How the Light Gets In (Gamache, L Penny), Ahoi Im Hamburg (German)

Listening: Ender’s Game, podcasts

Watching: Fringe, Wonder Woman,

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