bible + bcp

Post series on The One, my list of 100 essentials for living simply and living small. #simplicity #100essentials


Even though this is technically two books, I count them as one because I rarely use one without the other. The Bible is “The Green Bible,” it has essays and a study guide for creation care.

Each morning, with coffee or tea and a candle, I turn to the Morning Office (Laud) in the Book of Common Prayer (BCP) and then read the scripture assigned for that day.  It is a way to steady myself and ground myself in what God is doing (and has done).

I return each evening for Vespers.  They are bookends to my day.


Reading: At Home in the World (M Guenther), How the Light Gets In (Gamache, L Penny), Momente in München

Listening: Ender’s Game, podcasts

Watching: In awe as students take a stand against gun violence. Justice League, Fringe

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