lenten discipline, 2018

This Lent I’m focusing on praying for South Africa.

The embattled South African President Jacob Zuma could be out of power within days, but residents in Cape Town are facing uncertainty of another kind: their water supply is fast running out.

After three years of relentless drought, a rapidly expanding population and accusations of poor planning by authorities, day zero, when the taps are simply turned off, could be as soon as May.

Here is the resource put together by the South African Anglicans:  Water

Our kitchen tap is turned off for 40 days. We have a couple of water pitchers on the counter for drinking water. Dish water is fetched from the bathroom. We bring in just enough for a half pan of washing water and half a pan of rinsing water.

It certainly makes it easy to remember to pray!


Reading: At Home in the World (M Guenther), Momente in München (German), How the Light Gets In (Gamache)
Listening: Ender’s Game
Watching: Fringe, The Lizzie Bennett Diaries

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