drying rack

Post series on The One, my list of 100 essentials for living simply and living small. #simplicity #100essentials


I have chosen to live without a clothes dryer for almost 20 years. This is possible because we line dry our clothes for as much of the year as possible. But when it’s rsiny or too cold, we use drying racks by the woudstove (or in front of a fan).

This is my favorite rack. I can get 2 days worth of my clothes on here. It fits neatly behind the stove leaving plenty of room for safety. I don’t leave clothes unattended by the stove until the flue is closed for the night.


Reading: Water From an Ancient Well, Karneval in Köln (German), The Beautiful Mystery (Gamache)
Listening: Castle in the Air
Watching: Smallville, Fringe

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