living small. . . forming rhythms


*Picture taken by me of the last liftoff of the Shuttle Atlantis. *

Last Sunday I wrote about living small and how I came to the conclusion it was a calling on my life. I identified four areas were I wanted more and four areas where I wanted less. It was a natural step from there to pair a more up with a less.

More language — less social media
More favorites — less novelty
More simple-ness — less stuff
More wellness — less confusion

Daily rhythm is what allows me to form deep habits. Habits that can take a shifting but remain in place. I’ve spoken about some of my rhythms: morning, housekeeping, and cleaning. I find bunching tasks into a fluid rhythm works best for me and I pair that concept up with time blocking. In other words, I work for a set amount of time on a certain group of tasks and then have a set amount of rest/free time.

Now that I have paired up my more/less and know that I want to incorporate them into my daily flow, it is time to think about where in my day they fit best. German is probably best done when my mind is sharp and alert — so that is before 2 pm. Favorites is easy because I already have a couple times a day when I sit down. Simple-ness is pretty easy too, I’ll just keep doing what I have planned for that as I follow my housekeeping rhythm. Wellness is the one I can’t exactly plan a space for because there are different components. I am not done thinking that one through.

My day begins to look like this —
Morning (7 am-10 am)
*Wake up, say Laud (with fire), drink water, take Rx
* Move my body
* Self-care (shower, coffee, meal)
* Housekeeping & Cleaning (+simple-ness tasks here)
* Rest
Mid-Day (10 am-2 pm) Still need to find a flow to this set, so these aren’t chronological
* German
* Read non-fiction
* Write
* Sext (noon)
* Meal
* Move my body (usually Jasper’s walk)
Afternoon/Evening (2 pm-8 pm)
* Rest (+favorites)
* Meal prep for dinner and tomorrow
* Finish laundry (usually it has been hanging all day)
* Move my body
* Meal and clean-up
* Vespers (with fire)
* Watch news or a show with the family
* Prep house for tomorrow
Quiet time (8 pm-10 pm)
* Self-care
* Meditation
* Compline
* Read fiction (+favorites)
* Listen to audiobook (+favorites)


Reading: A Trick of the Light, Water From an Ancient Well, Karneval in Köln.

Listening: Howl’s Moving Castle

Watching: Star Trek: Voyager (last 2epusodes), Fringe

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