2 January 2018

9th day of Christmas

I’ve picked up my very rusty German lessons. I found some readers and have been copying out a bit each morning and working my way through. I’m noting vocab that I’ve forgotten (and therefore looked up in my dictionary) and reminding myself of grammar rules. It’s going quickly and I love the satisfaction that comes with seeing it all written out and worked through.

Today I spent some time tidying the bathroom and noticed the same feeling of satisfaction when I completed the task. Before (and I originally used the word normally, but hit the edit button!) I worked for a set period of time and then stopped. This morning I said, “Tidy the bathroom.”

1 Jan 2018

8th day of Christmas

Holy Day: The Holy Name

Today I’m beginning to shift my mindset from living a “quantified” life to a more intentionally incarnational life. For years (my whole life?) I’ve measured success and goodness by numbers.

  • How many books did I read?
  • How many steps did I take?
  • How many hours did I sleep?
  • How many calories did I eat?
  • How many vocabulary words did I add?
  • and on and on and on

It ends today. Or rather, today I will take steps to shift my thoughts. I’m working on phrasing to help reflect this shift.

  • Am I hungry? What do I want to eat?
  • Am I tired and ready to stop this walk or do I want to go a bit more?

I’m working on journaling practices to help as well. I’m tracking weather, lunar phases, holy days, BCP Bible passages for the day. I’m jotting down book titles and thoughts from that days reading (without assigning a number to the book). I’m doing more long-form writing (and thus, blogging).