yoga mat

A series of posts on my “The One” choices. #simplicity #100 essentials


My yoga mat is a Manduka Pro. I like the thickness, it is very comfortable for middle aged knees and hips. I like the extra couple of inches on the width, wide child’s pose and wide down dog are two of my favorite poses.

This is my The One mat. The forever mat. The essential mat. It is not my only mat though.

I also have (in the same color) the Manduka Pro-lite (not as thick, not as wide) and I have the Manduka Eko travel mat.  The regular mat lays on the floor at the foot of my bed. It is Jasper’s,  the dog, favorite spot. It makes a convenient place to pop down for a stretch, or a snuggle, and I use it when I’m doing an indoor walking video. Shoes never ever touch my  The One mat, but this one gets used more like an exercise mat, shoes and all.



Reading, Watching, Listening . . .
Read—Celtic Book of Days, Water From an Ancient Well, Ferien in Frankfurt (German), A Trick of the Light.
Watch—Star Trek: Voyager, Fringe
Listen—Howl’s Moving Castle


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