A series of posts on my “The One” choices. #simplicity #100 essentials


Hannah, my daughter, bought me this lovely sandalwood comb. It’s quite chunky yet still small.  I love the beauty, the simplicity, and the silky feel of the wood.


Morning Office: Psalm 68, Psalm 98, Isaiah 47:1-15, Heb 10: 19-31, John 5: 2-18
Vespers: Paalm 103

Weather: 47-54 degrees F, overcast, waxing crescent . Sunrise-Sunset = 7:55-5:51

Reading, Watching, Listening . . .
Read—Celtic Book of Days, Fearless After 50,  Rising Strong, Cafe in Berlin (German), A Trick of the Light.
Watch—Star Trek: Voyager, Dunkirk
Listen—Harry Potter 7 (audio, as I fall asleep), The Simple Show podcast

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