4×4: Jan, Feb, Mar ‘18

I’ve been inspired by Courtney Carver’s 333, Janice @ The Vivienne Files, and always Francine Jay @Miss Minimalist.

I love Janice’s 4×4 wardrobe building idea and set out to implement it as best I can while only using clothes in my closet.

My planning sheet includes extra squares for accessories (scarves, jewelry, purses, sunglasses), shoes (boots and sandals), and weather specific outerwear (coat, vest, rain jacket, knit hat & mittens). I did this because I’m not very good at “finishing” an outfit. Shirt, sweater, pants, shoes — check. Necklace or scarf — not so good. Actually, shoes are not really check, as I tend to throw on either my trainers or, on really cold days, my Ugg knockoffs.

I have two things on my wish list: a black skirt and red sneakers (converse, maybe?).


Morning Office: Psalm 25, Mark 3:7-19
Vespers: Paalm 9, Psalm 15

Weather: 3 – 31 degrees F, overcast and snowy, waning crescent . Sunrise-Sunset = 7:58-5:45

Reading, Watching, Listening . . .
Celtic Book of Days, Redemption in Indigo, Rising Strong, Cafe in Berlin (German), Fearless After 50
Star Trek: Voyager
Harry Potter 7 (audio, as I fall asleep)


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