Mornings. . .

Mornings, especially winter mornings, are a real struggle for me. I am a creature of light. I like to get up with the sunrise and by the time the sun sets I’m done (as in put me in the recliner with a book or a movie).

After years of pushing myself to get up and get going — zero to sixty in two minutes—I’ve been working on a more gentle approach to my 50s and winter mornings. I’m finding four elements necessary this year.

  • Fire—there is something about coaxing a fire to life while saying the  morning office from the Book of Common Prayer. It feels right. It feels  deliberate. It feels connected.
  • Air—my body wakes up stiff these days and the only thing that helps is to get it moving. So I pull on my trainers and pull up a walking video.  30 minutes of “walking” and I’ve loosened up my joints and muscles, my heart and lungs have cleared out the sleepiness and I’m thinking more clearly.
  • Water—warm water, peppermint soap (or coconut, depending on my mood), Akamai skin fuel, a hint of amber oil, and Grove lip balm are my personal care essentials. Throw in some mascara and a touch of lipstick and watch out world!
  • Earth—by now I’m hungry.  A smoothie and decaf coffee with almond creamer is my standard breakfast. Focusing on organic and plant based helps start my day right.


Morning Office: Psalm 119:1-24, Genesis 4:1-16, John 1:35-42

Weather: 42-58 degrees F, overcast, 3rd Quarter/ waning crescent . Sunrise-Sunset = 7:59-5:40

Reading, Watching, Listening . . .
Celtic Book of Days, Redemption in Indigo,  Rising Strong, Cafe in Berlin (German)
Star Trek: Voyager
Harry Potter 6 (audio, as I fall asleep)

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