Mornings. . .

Mornings, especially winter mornings, are a real struggle for me. I am a creature of light. I like to get up with the sunrise and by the time the sun sets I’m done (as in put me in the recliner with a book or a movie).

After years of pushing myself to get up and get going — zero to sixty in two minutes—I’ve been working on a more gentle approach to my 50s and winter mornings. I’m finding four elements necessary this year.

  • Fire—there is something about coaxing a fire to life while saying the  morning office from the Book of Common Prayer. It feels right. It feels  deliberate. It feels connected.
  • Air—my body wakes up stiff these days and the only thing that helps is to get it moving. So I pull on my trainers and pull up a walking video.  30 minutes of “walking” and I’ve loosened up my joints and muscles, my heart and lungs have cleared out the sleepiness and I’m thinking more clearly.
  • Water—warm water, peppermint soap (or coconut, depending on my mood), Akamai skin fuel, a hint of amber oil, and Grove lip balm are my personal care essentials. Throw in some mascara and a touch of lipstick and watch out world!
  • Earth—by now I’m hungry.  Oats with blueberries, an egg, and decaf coffee with almond creamer is my standard breakfast. Focusing on organic and plant based helps start my day right.


Morning Office: Psalm 119:1-24, Genesis 4:1-16, John 1:35-42

Weather: 42-58 degrees F, overcast, 3rd Quarter/ waning crescent . Sunrise-Sunset = 7:59-5:40

Reading, Watching, Listening . . .
Celtic Book of Days, Redemption in Indigo,  Rising Strong, Cafe in Berlin (German)
Star Trek: Voyager
Harry Potter 6 (audio, as I fall asleep)

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