5 January 2018

12th day of Christmas
Eve of Epiphany

Today is a transition day for us. The whole house gets a thorough cleaning in the morning. The King Cake dough is started and left to rise behind the wood stove for a couple of hours. While that’s rising, I begin to take down the Christmas decorations.

I’ll put a winter wreath on the door, change to a matching Vespers table, and keep the warm white twinkle lights in the eating area window.

Each year I try to bring home more green plants for the living room. I spend the rest of the year trying not to kill the plants! I need light and life to help steer my ship through these dark winter days.

My natural tendency is to hide away in the warm house, but this year I am going to stay involved in my Spiritual Companion Group. I’m going to ask a friend to join me for coffee at least once a month. I’m also going to go outside and walk around the yard as many days as I can.

Morning Office: Psalm 2, Psalm 5, John 15:1-6
Vespers: Psalm 29, Psalm 98, Rom 15:7-14

Weather: 2– 20 degrees F, partly cloudy / sunny, waning gibbous moon. Sunrise-Sunset = 8:00-5:35

Reading, Watching, Listening . . .
Celtic Book of Days, Commonwealth, Every Earthly Blessing
Star Trek: Voyager (rest time) and Fringe (family time)
Harry Potter 6 (as I fall asleep)

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