4 January 2018

11th day of Christmas


Last night was . . . not conducive to good solid sleeping. Our small, rural electric cooperative lost power at 10 pm. It was bitterly cold outside. Thankfully the wood stove was still hot, so we took turns getting up to feed the fire. I am so thankful for the stove and Kelly & Michael for keeping us supplied with firewood.

I was looking for an easy task for today. I turned to the closet and decided to give it a thorough cleaning.  I’ve adopted a minimal closet in clothes that make me happy. I won’t win any fashion contests, but the clothes are comfortable and in good shape.

Boring details— **edited to add,  see Jan 10, 2018 post for some coming changes to this list**

My wardrobe is based around denim and black with a few red highlights. In winter this looks like:

  • Red plaid scarf
  • Rust+Purple scarf
  • LL Bean perfect pants, slim (like leggings) x2
  • Black skirt
  • skinny denim
  • skinny gray denim
  • Denim skirt
  • mock turtlenecks (black, cream, red)
  • long sleeve T (navy, white,purple,  rust, teal)
  • Hogwarts graphic T
  • sweaters (red, sage, black)
  • long cardigans (oatmeal, gray)
  •  Shoes (trainers, black ankle boots, brown Ugg style boots, snow/insulated boots)
  • Purses (everyday carry verde, black)
  • Coats (rain jacket, coat, light coat, vest + hat and mittens x2)

*The totes hold all my fall/spring and summer clothes plus shoes/sandals.*

Morning Office: Psalm 85, Psalm 86, John 14:6-14
Vespers: Psalm 89

Weather: 4 – 21 degrees F, partly cloudy / sunny, waning gibbous moon. Sunrise-Sunset = 8:00-5:34

Reading, Watching, Listening . . .
Celtic Book of Days, Commonwealth, Every Earthly Blessing
Star Trek: Voyager (rest time) and Fringe (family time)
Harry Potter 6 (as I fall asleep)

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