3 January 2018

10th day of Christmas

The sun is shining again today and even though the temperatures are much below our normal temps for early January, I am finding myself energized by both the sun and the cold. The wood stove is producing marvelous, wonderful, beautiful warmth. I spend a few minutes tidying up the bedroom and then come in the living room to defrost my fingers and my backside. Then back to the bedroom — today’s tidy is accompanied by a playlist of David Bowie and Niall Horan. Quite the mix!

My bedroom is an oasis of calm and quiet for me. I have de-cluttered / minimized it to just the necessities and even those keep getting pared down. I recently took another 5 grocery bags to the local thrift shop.

I’ve had this winter accessories issue . . . I have been keeping them in a plastic tote.  It was nice because they were out of sight, but also a pain because “out of sight, out of mind.” Every time I needed them, I’d have to move the fan, open the tote, and dig around. So this morning, I took one of my spare  canvas bags and hung in on a nail.  Now my colorful mittens and knit cap set and my plain Jane set are just stuck in there. I like having two sets because sometimes they get wet or need to be washed.

Morning Office:  Psalm 66, John 10:7-17
Vespers: Psalm 72

Weather: 7 – 26 degrees F, partly cloudy / sunny, waning gibbous moon. Sunrise-Sunset = 8:00-5:34

Reading, Watching, Listening . . .
Celtic Book of Days, Commonwealth, Every Earthly Blessing
Star Trek: Voyager (rest time) and Fringe (family time)
Harry Potter 6 (as I fall asleep)


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