Trying out Luggage, 3


LL Bean Carryall Rolling Underseat Bag
16 x 14 x 9 (24 L)

This bag/suitcase is only a tiny bit bigger than the small duffle from last week, but it is much easier to pack. I like that it rolls and therefore keeps the weight off my back and shoulders.

I filled it up and pulled it all over the place. It’s quiet, pulls nicely, and I didn’t have any trouble with the handle collapsing.

A couple of things keep it from being a perfect bag:  the gussets at the bottom of the front flap and the side pockets. The gussets are great if you plan to open the bag mid-flight as they keep the front flap up almost half-way. That makes for some tough packing moments though. I cut mine off and found my packing time cut nearly in half. I use my purse to hold everything I need mid-flight. The side pockets are nice, but if you stuff too much in there the bag begins to bulge.  Too much bulge will make it nearly impossible to fit it under the seat.

What I fit into the bag: (Cool/Warm weather)  :: A lot of things in my purse would also fit in this bag. I just like having them separate.

LL Bean fitness dress x3
undershort x3
cardigan (light) x2
shoes: flats
shoes: sport sandals
UV hat
LL Bean perfect pant
tshirt x3
socks x3
underwear x5
bra x2
Turkish towel
LL Bean small organizer/toiletry bag
3-1-1 bag


I also had a purse with:
iPhone, charger, stand
solar battery pack
kindle paperwhite
Klean Kanteen insulated bottle
Snack: apple slices and nutrition bar
normal purse stuff


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