Trying out Luggage, 1

LL Bean, medium rolling duffle

This bag is technically too big to be a carry-on which is such a shame. Although it is less than 45 inches, it won’t fit in the 21x14x9 guidelines. Hopefully LL Bean will trim a few inches off and they’d have a great bag.

What I fit into the bag: (Cool/warm weather)

  • LL Bean fitness dress x3
  • undershort x3
  • cardigan (light) x3
  • shoes: flats
  • shoes: sport sandals
  • UV hat
  • swimsuit
  • pjs x2
  • LL Bean perfect pant x2
  • tshirt x3
  • socks x3
  • underwear x5
  • bra x2
  • Turkish towel
  • LL Bean small organizer/toiletry bag
  • 3-1-1 bag

I also had a purse with

  • IPhone, charger, stand
  • solar battery pack
  • kindle paperwhite
  • Klean Kanteen insulated bottle
  •  Snack: apple slices and nutrition bar
  • normal purse stuff


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