The Art of the Overhaul, week 10-13

It’s been a very quiet few weeks.  We reached that point where everything we’re doing to prepare for our journey is little steps.  Each of us has a few areas of our personal stuff where we just aren’t willing to let go until the time is nearer.

The yard work is now taking enough time that we aren’t getting house repair projects started, completed, or even thought about.  Although I must say, the outside looks amazing! The garden is mostly planted and we’ve had some great salads and tasty strawberries.  The blackberries are really flowering, so we should have an abundance of fruit soon.

We’ve signed our home up for 100% wind energy.  To help lower the bill and be better keepers of the planet, we’ve been working on making some changes.  These changes will also help us when we take the next step of our journey.

Here’s our week 10-13 list:

  • solar chargers for iPhones, iPads, Kindles, and other “microUSB” type things.
  • solar lights (two so far, adding a couple each month) for each person and room.
  • analyzing our water consumption and attempting to get it within sustainable levels for our primary goal
  • We had a bit of a financial set-back, so our numbers look about the same as the last check-in.
  • Trying new natural personal care products.  Akamai so far is the winner!  They have a 3-in-1 bar (soap, shampoo, shaving), a toothpaste, and a skin fuel (mix of oils) that are amazing, priced well, and minimal packaging.  My lip balm is from Hurraw.  That leaves me only using regular mascara, SPF tinted lip balm, and contact solution.
  • Making plans to travel a bit:  Scotland and Eastern Africa are my goals. If we sell the house and have enough saved, I’d like to see both places before settling into a new life. So now our “A Family’s Journey . . . will include some bit-time dreaming about traveling.