The Art of the Overhaul, week 2-3

Week 3 checklist:

  • Family–
    • Medical debt #1 paid off
    • Begin work on medical debt #2
    • Roofing company called
    • Get estimates for front window replacement
  • Kim– sort through “hobby” and photos
    • make notebook of favorite knit and crochet patterns
      • donate books
    • sort needles and hooks
      • donate duplicates
    • yarn; easy since I only keep one current project going and I don’t store leftovers as yarn.  I use my leftovers to construct woolen dolls (knitted) so I have some doll “parts” in my yarn tote.
    • Use some photos for this blog to chronicle the journey.  Put other photos on our family blog that is not specific to this journey but is more about our day-to-day life here in Indiana.
  • Michael — begin sorting through personal books and media
    • For Michael this will be a long process.
    • This week he donated 4 bags of books
    • Property prep: taking apart old chicken shed, cleaning front yard in preparation for mowing season, and stacking things for dumpster arrival in April.
  • Hannah —
    • Put in applications for second job. Hopefully schedule interviews.
    • Continue working on novels.
    • Sort through belongings and books.
  • Kelly —
    • Lots of thinking about gardening in a different climate
    • Property prep work: fencing repairs, fencing removal, general cleaning of front yard (1 acre), sorting things for dumpster arrival in April

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