The Art of the Overhaul, week 1

The story of our journey will continue each Sunday, since the title of the blog is The Journey to . . . but, each week I hope to post a recap of what we accomplished that moves us closer to taking the step into the next adventure.

Our stay in Indiana has been a long one, and we’ve accumulated the stuff that goes along with an extended stay.  There is much work to be done and we are excited to take little steps each week that will move us closer to our goal.

Week 1 & 2 checklist:

  • Family–
    • Agreed on primary goal
    • Agreed on priorities as we wait
      • medical debt
      • Kelly knee surgery
      • home repairs as needed
      • save as much as possible (Ask: Does this get me closer to X?  If not, say no.)
  • Kim–sort through personal books.
    • Compare hard copies to Kindle list (purge duplicates)
    • Make list of books to get on kindle (store hardcopies on different shelf)
    • Make a note to only buy one book per month and only a book I’ve read more than twice
    • Use the library to try new books
    • Decide which 10-15 books are my “non-negotiable” books
  • Michael — begin sorting through personal books
    • For Michael this will be a long process.
    • This week he pulled very old encyclopedias off his shelf and a few other old books.
  • Hannah — Her list is in the comments

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